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I was joined by Yahoo! Sports’ Shane Bacon on Wednesday evening to talk about golf’s year in review, along with what we’re looking forward to this week at Tiger Woods’ World Challenge and in 2014. We like Rory to go on a run of wins, we think Adam Scott will stay in fine form and we’re wondering if Tiger or Phil Mickelson will win another major first. We also take a look at the young, rising talent with Jordan Spieth and Hideki Matsuyama, among others.

We also answered some of of your questions. Thanks as always to those who submitted them. Please keep ’em coming.

(Apologies for my embarrassing sniffles — it was really quite unfortunate and unattractive and I tried to keep it contained, but naturally, I didn’t receive much cooperation!)

By Stephanie Wei under Feuds

Apparently I’m an idiot and need to learn how to copy and paste properly. Thanks to the astute reader who pointed out that I tweeted the incorrect link.

Well, most of you properly missed the Hangout, but good news is you can watch it now. Bad news is I ramble. God, these things are awkward when you’re multitasking!

Thanks everyone for all the questions on the Tiger vs. Sergio saga, which went from being amusing to just bad after Sergio made a racist remark. I’m pretty much done with it, but I have a feeling this is not going to be the last we hear of the incident.