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Corey Pavin looks up at the sky, probably praying for his team at the Ryder Cup

If you haven’t joined the WUP Facebook page, you should, especially since I’ll be having more contests for people to win free stuff (and everyone likes free stuff!), along with other content exclusive the page.

Last week I asked readers an admittedly boring and lame question (but look, give me a break, I decided to start simple): “Who is your least favorite (or just favorite) player and why?” Thanks to the 30 readers who participated — well, actually, it was 27 because unfortunately I had to disqualify 3 who didn’t type their answer in the thread (sorry! I liked your answers, too, but it was part of the instructions).

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(Thanks to Brian for the Photoshop help!)

First things first, I know I’m late on continuing my story about the outings at Merion and Aronimink last weekend, but patience, my friends — and I’ve been enjoying all your wonderful accounts. Anyway, back to the point — a few weeks ago, I started a WUP Facebook page because I get an awful lot of friend requests and as much as I want to accept them all, Facebook restricts each user’s friend count to 5,000. I know, I know, how can they expect people to have less than 5,000 friends! (No, I don’t have that many yet, but I’m getting pretty close. I think mostly it’s because I’ve been on Facebook since 2004; Yale was something like the fifth school to get it back when it first launched.)

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