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Dallas Mavericks point guard Jason Kidd looking for his ball in the cactus

In the spirit of getting loyal readers to join groups, why not add another? After all, surely there’s a rather large crossover between golf and NBA fans! Uh, maybe a handful? Anyone got Anthony Kim or Dustin Johnson’s number?

Well, even if it turns out to be just five people, that’s still a league. And the best part is that gives you more of a chance to win stuff throughout the season, like courtside tickets to a Knicks game. I know what you’re thinking — that’s dumb if you don’t live in the NY area — and yes, I do realize that’s a problem, so I’m working on solving that (likely to be NBA-related memorabilia, etc.). But I have plenty of other things already lying around the WUP office, including Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, Jason Kidd autographed golf balls, the new Dave Pelz short game book, clubs and more.

How do you sign up? It’s easy!

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