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By Stephanie Wei under US Open

To add insult to injury after moving the wrong way in the third round of the U.S. Open, Tiger Woods stomped off the 18th green, looking like he had just shot five-over 75. As you can see, it’s always quite chaotic with everyone trying to get out of the way or in the way.

What a strange, strange day.

I was standing next to the stairs. If you’re looking at the video, I’m the one closest to the bottom of the steps on the right (wearing all-black and my hair is black, so it’s hard to make me out). It was a pretty dramatic moment and I swear you could almost hear the impact of Tiger’s hand hitting the lens (*update: or his elbow arm smacking the guy’s head). Maybe not. It was probably more of the tension in the air. I think Tiger’s melodramatic reaction was partly to the pain and partly to feeling pissed off about his ugly round.

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