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By Conor Nagle under Tiger Woods

Here’s the official teaser trailer for the “Legacy Challenge”, a feature included in the latest addition to the Tiger Woods PGA Tour game franchise. It allows you, the humble nerd, to assume control of an infant Tiger and guide him to the major successes of his amateur career.

There. And I made none of the obvious jokes.

Conor Nagle


This is actually a pretty cool contest promotion by EA Sports, which is letting fans vote for which player will join Tiger on the cover of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13. It’s a match play bracket contest — one for North America and another for Europe…wait, what about Asia?? — that is administered through Facebook, so if for some reason you’re not a user (and I have a few friends who aren’t — c’mon, even my mom joined like two years ago), then you’re out of luck. Go HERE to vote.

Here’s the deal:

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