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Who said Tiger Woods couldn’t laugh at himself? He can! On Wednesday evening Tiger went on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,” his first appearance on a late night comedy program since 2009, to promote his upcoming EA Sports game. I didn’t watch the full interview, but I caught Jimmy’s tweet with a link to the sneak peek. Asked what he’d been up to, Tiger, smiling, said, “Nothing…playing bad golf.” Then, Jimmy goes on for a while in a long, pseudo-awkward spiel, expressing his gratitude for Tiger allowing the rest of the world to poke fun at his pain. All the while, Tiger is still laughing! — good for him. He should have done this, say, 15 months ago, but minor details.

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Shot of Amen Corner from Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12

By now, you’ve likely heard the intriguing yet surprising news: The Masters is opening Augusta National to the gaming public. That’s right. If you have a compatible device (Wii, PlayStation, X-Box etc.), then you can step on those hallowed grounds to play a round. Perhaps the more significant question behind the news is the reason — The powers-that-be have embargoed access to Augusta for so long (media restrictions, long waiting lists even for a ticket, no women members yet, etc.). Why now? Club chairman Billy Payne wants to attract a younger crowd to golf, according to the AP.

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