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Huh? Say what?


It’s that time again — the mandatory PGA Tour player’s meeting at Torrey Pines, where Commissioner Tim Finchem delivers his annual “State of the Tour” address (how fitting President Obama delivered the SOTU on the same night this year). I confess I’m a huge geek and for the last three years, I’ve gotten super revved up to find out the scoop on the inner-goings of these bureaucratic time-suckers. This is about as “Inside Golf” as you can get, but I dig it.

Usually, when I bring it up to a player, they shrug, roll their eyes and mutter something about how boring it is and it’s always the same ol’ stuff. But this year, there was much more buzz than usual.  I actually got responses from guys, saying, “It should be interesting” and “I’ll be there for the fireworks.”

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