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Rickie Fowler has always been a cool kid. He had possibly even reached super good guy and “badass” status level when he got his first ink. Fowler actually has a minimum of four tattoos! Did you know that? 99% of you are lying if you say you did because I wasn’t even aware until last night. And his tattoos aren’t just the cliche, meaningless kind that were branded permanently on his body just for the sake of having ink — they actually have some sort of significance and deeper meaning to the 26-year-old golfer.

rickie-fowler tattoo

His latest tattoo forever memorializes a special experience Fowler had this summer that he shared with a very small percentage of professional golfers around the globe. While many of the world’s best players, including the top-four in the rankings, skipped out on the Rio Olympics for various reasons, Fowler, naturally, did the “right” thing — he sucked it up, added the tournament to his already uber-busy schedule and made the most of the unforgettable time in Rio.

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