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Taking one for the team!


It’s incredible how fast guys will start playing and moving — especially on a Friday and even more so if the player is not going to make the cut — when they’re running out of daylight. You see, there’s only one clock clock that produces the desired result in combating slow play and that’s Mother Nature and the horn signaling the suspension of play due to darkness. Unlike the horn for inclement weather, which does not give players a choice to finish the hole, this one does — that is, if at least one player in the group has already teed off before the horn blows.

Due to inclement weather, play was suspended for two hours late on Friday. While the rain certainly softened up Quail Hollow and conditions were far more receptive and scoring friendly for the players who teed off in the afternoon wave, it was a far-gone conclusion that second-round play would not be completed on Friday and those still left on the course would have to return early Saturday to finish up.

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