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Photo: USGA/Chris Keane

To be perfectly clear, this isn’t necessarily about politics. I repeat, THIS IS NOT ABOUT POLITICS. This is not about whether you lean left or right on the political spectrum, or if you’re a registered Democrat or Republican — Donald Trump has switched parties in various points of his life (which, of course, isn’t that unusual). This is not whether you support the GOP healthcare bill or if you believe in universal healthcare. For what it’s worth, I’m an Independent.

Mind you, this conversation could’ve been avoided had the President divested from his company and real estate properties, like all individuals in public office, including Presidents have in the past and are supposed to. Trump broke from this long-standing tradition and still owns the buildings and golf courses (which is arguably using the office of the President to enrich himself and bring business to his properties), so spare me the “stick to golf” comments — I’m just following the example set from the top.

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