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Wow, last week’s intensity, especially Sunday afternoon, where I was clearly a glass box of emotions, was exhausting (in a super positive way) that it drove me and my immune system into the ground (not literally — also not the best analogy, but cut me some slack, still on the road to recovery). I apologize for the radio silence and not getting this post out Monday or even Tuesday, as I’d originally promised.

Many congrats again to Sergio Garcia and his family and team, along with Justin Rose, who showed pure class (as always and expected), and low-am Stewart Hagestad (whom apparently all my college buddies in finance know or through a friend in some shape or form, which isn’t surprising, since it’s a small world). More important, though, of course, congrats to the top-three finishers of the WUP Masters Pool, along with the three winners of the Friends of WUP Platinum Club — and yes, I just made that up.

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