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Lindsey pranks Tiger with the squirrel

Lindsey pranks Tiger with the squirrel

As I said earlier today, I hoped the Internationals would turn the momentum to their favor after the weather delay, and indeed, that’s exactly what happened. At the much-needed timeout for the International team, they were down to the seemingly indomitable Americans in five matches and all square in one of them. It wasn’t looking good.

In fact, it seemed fathomable that the Presidents Cup would be clinched by the U.S. before Sunday Singles rolled around. Not so fast! I watched the first two matches finish on 18, and boy, the atmosphere was electric and you could feel the energy of the International team, which, no doubt, has a ton of heart.

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By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour

DeLaet: Back from surgery


Near the end of his rookie season in 2010, 29-year-old Canadian Graham DeLaet was suffering from an agonizing back injury — originally endured while playing hockey as a teenager — that was so painful he couldn’t even sit upright for more than ten seconds.

After exhausting other forms of treatment, DeLaet had surgery on January 3, 2011, which involved shaving off a piece of a herniated disk to alleviate a pinched nerve. Almost immediately, the procedure relieved much of his discomfort, but left him wondering if he’d make a full recovery and play golf again.

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