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Rickie Fowler has always been a cool kid. He had possibly even reached super good guy and “badass” status level when he got his first ink. Fowler actually has a minimum of four tattoos! Did you know that? 99% of you are lying if you say you did because I wasn’t even aware until last night. And his tattoos aren’t just the cliche, meaningless kind that were branded permanently on his body just for the sake of having ink — they actually have some sort of significance and deeper meaning to the 26-year-old golfer.

rickie-fowler tattoo

His latest tattoo forever memorializes a special experience Fowler had this summer that he shared with a very small percentage of professional golfers around the globe. While many of the world’s best players, including the top-four in the rankings, skipped out on the Rio Olympics for various reasons, Fowler, naturally, did the “right” thing — he sucked it up, added the tournament to his already uber-busy schedule and made the most of the unforgettable time in Rio.

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By Stephanie Wei under Olympics

It was only a matter of time when it comes down to it — once one star drops out, it’s not a massive surprise when his peers end up following suit and doing the same. Well, at least it was rather predictable with regard to the top-ranked male golfers in the world and their decision to take a pass on competing in next month’s Olympics in Rio.

During the International Golf Federation press conference Monday at Royal Troon, where the Open Championship is being held this week, President Peter Dawson announced that Jordan Spieth, the world no. 3 and two-time major champion, withdrew from the participating in golf’s return to the Olympics, citing the Zika virus as part of the reason.

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Olympic golf fans (if there are any out there), don’t fret yet — Rory McIlroy is still planning on competing in the upcoming games in Rio this summer, but he does have concerns (as he should) over the threat of contracting the Zika virus, which may cause him to reassess his commitment, according to the BBC:

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