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By Stephanie Wei under General

Ray's aim was dead solid -- on the course and on the court

As a Ray Allen groupie fan and owner of an NBA League Pass on my TV, I enjoy tuning into a Boston Celtics game and watching the scrappy team kick some butt. With the exception of the foul-mouthed KG, I’ve turned in a Celts fan. You see, Ray Allen spent some impressionable years on the Seattle Sonics (RIP), and I’ve only loved his shot. Add Rajon Rondo, Paul Pierce and Glen “Big Baby” Davis in the mix and that’s a lovable team.

Last Thursday night, Ray was especially on fire against the Miami Heat. He drained seven straight threes and finished the night 7 for 9. Yeah, Ray is 35 and has the best shot in the league! Respect! But even still, he was throwing up quite the performance. And the pregame routine that Ray follows neurotically? It’s golf.

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