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Spotted on Monday at the Honda Classic: Cheerleaders!

I’m quoting the great Charlie Sheen, who quoted the great Allen Iverson during an interview with Jeff Rossen of NBC’s Today. Sheen, who has been the talk of the town for, well, being Charlie Sheen, the many loony (yet so absurd, it’s addicting) things he’s been saying lately and suing CBS, was asked if he’d ever missed a day of work. “Not a day that cost anybody any money,” said Sheen, rolling his eyes. “I missed practice. I’m talking about practice, to quote the great Allen Iverson. Practice! Come on, guys, we’re talking about practice.”

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By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour

Peter Tomasulo hobbles around the course with a broken foot at the '10 Nationwide Tour Championship

Until Monday’s pro-am, Peter Tomasulo hadn’t walked 18 holes since the Nationwide Tour Championship during the last week of October — and that was with the aid of a cane. The 29-year-old Long Beach, California native suffered a broken bone in the outside of his foot (the fifth metarsals) in a friendly west coast vs. east coast pick-up basketball game before the start of the NWT Chattanooga Classic earlier that month.

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