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As hopefully most of you know — because you read it, yesterday — I wrote a review of my friend Shane Ryan’s new book, Slaying the Tiger: A year inside the ropes on the new PGA Tour. Well, Shane’s book is creating quite a bit of buzz in the golf media. Some have taken issue with it for various reasons, but more have raved about it for being an honest depiction of the younger generation on the PGA Tour.

Shane joined Gary Williams on Golf Channel’s Morning Drive to chat about the book. Here’s the first clip:

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All in the family

LPGA player (and a good friend of 15-plus years) Paige Mackenzie had her brother Brock, who plays on the Nationwide Tour and mini tours, on the bag last week at the RR Donnelley LPGA Founders Cup. Brock walked away with a better understanding and appreciation for the LPGA. He also noted some enlightening differences between the ladies and men’s professional tours. “The LPGA’s new slogan is “see why it’s different out here,” he tweeted.

Here are the top five — that are guaranteed to give you a good laugh — via Brock’s Twitter:

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By Stephanie Wei under Equipment

Just swinging by the Travis Mathew Camper Van

Friday at the PGA Merchandise Show was much more productive than Thursday. I put on my game face and sketched out a tentative to-do list. Basically, I came to terms with the fact that I couldn’t see and/or do everything (this may be hard to believe, but I have the tendency to overextend myself). I figured the best way to show you guys what I saw is through pictures (I certainly apologize for the poor quality, but I went all amateur hour and used my phone, with the exception of several, like the one above, which is courtesy of Derek from 72strokes.com). Here we go!

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By Stephanie Wei under Equipment

I caught up with LPGA player Paige Mackenzie, who recently signed an endorsement deal with Cleveland Golf, at the PGA Merchandise Show on Friday. Paige gives us an impromptu mini-tour of the Cleveland booth and talks about what’s in her bag.

(I now realize that I asked her a question after she already answered it. My bad. It’s tough to keep things straight amidst the chaos!)


The US Women’s Open kicks off on Thursday at Oakmont and the stories dominating headlines this week have focused primarily on the golf course, particularly about it may be the toughest setup in tournament history. It’s cruel. It’s a beast. It’s just really, really hard. And it’s going to kick the ladies’ butts. I’ve been wincing just reading the preview stories (see here, here and here.)

“If Oakmont is firm, it will be by far the hardest test the women have ever seen,” proclaimed Mike Davis, the USGA setup man.

So, will it prove to be toughest US Women’s Open ever? (Not that I doubt Davis’ word for a second.) Let’s turn to LPGA pro Paige Mackenzie, who will take on Oakmont this week, for a field report.

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