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Bug Eyes

Bug Eyes

Ian Poulter needs your help finding a new putter that will rekindle his superpower skills on the greens (though they generally show up most prominently in match play events).

After finishing tied for 25th at the French Open last week, Poulter tweeted on Monday that he was breaking up with his putter, an Odyssey XG No. 7 — the same one he used to charge Europe’s stunning comeback victory over the United States in the Ryder Cup last fall.

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Add Ernie Els to the growing list of PGA Tour players that may jump on the long putter bandwagon. Els started toying around with a belly putter while practicing at the Masters a few weeks ago. At The Heritage this week, he might take it a step further and actually put it in his bag for tournament play on Thursday. While those close to Els have been encouraging him to make the change, he’s been reluctant for several reasons, including overcoming the stigma attached to long putters.

“I’m old school,” Els said during a candid chat on Tuesday at Harbour Town Golf Links. “I’ve been around a long time and it used to be that whenever you go to a long putter, it meant that you had the yips or you had something really wrong with your putting.”

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Odyssey setup at TPC Scottsdale on Monday

A colleague reminded me that a year ago I couldn’t find the media center at TPC Scottsdale. Fact. I wandered around for a good 45 minutes, mostly in the wrong direction, before I discovered the cart barn — mind you, it’s hidden and there’s no signage. I’m happy to report I located it with no problem yesterday afternoon. (Hooray.) From what I’ve seen so far, the setup and the facilities haven’t changed from the last, but it feels different — which is just a personal thing.

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