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Me teeing off on No. 5 at The Plantation Course

First of all, a big thanks to Merf and Conor for taking care of the blog while I’ve been on vacation (not to mention Kapalua’s Gary Planos for being the greatest host ever). You all, along with the readers, are a huge part of the WUP team. Please join me in giving them a vintage-Tiger golf ovation.

/awkward golfer high-fives!

Anyway, I meant to post this video blog on Wednesday evening, but I was so exhausted that I passed out at 8:30. It must be all the golf. You know, the walk from the golf cart to my ball is pretty grueling. No, seriously, though, this is the most rounds of golf I’ve played in a week since 2004 (as of Thursday, 5 1/2 rounds — played 27 holes on Wednesday). I’m such an athlete! So, on Wednesday, I teed it up at The Plantation Course (again) with my new friends, fellow golf blogger Derek Franks (72strokes.com) and Mike Ferguson (who happens to live in Brooklyn, just across the bridge from me!), who is on his honeymoon (everyone, congratulate Mike! And see, I told you guys I was going on vacation with me, myself and honeymooners — oh, and apparently 500 FedEx employees; no wonder FedEx can afford to sponsor the $10 million FedEx Cup).

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