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*FRIDAY UPDATE: Steph Curry did it again! He shot back-to-back 74s at an official PGA Tour-sanctioned event. No, he did not come close to making the cut, but he held his own and didn’t embarrass himself, so I’d say that’s a job well done. He definitely exceeded my expectations. Well played and much respect. And damn, is there anything Steph can’t do?!?!

Via Web.com Tour's Twitter

Via Web.com Tour’s Twitter

Guess what, guys? Steph Curry is not only one of the best basketball players in the world, but chances are he would probably beat you at golf, too.

When the Web.com Tour’s Ellie Mae Classic announced that it was giving the star point guard of the two-time NBA Champion Golden State Warriors a sponsor’s exemption, there were cries of outrage in the golf world that voiced utter outrage. <<me rolling my eyes>> The general argument is the one we’ve heard before, which is some form of the following: ‘But, but… he’s taking the spot away from a professional who is trying to make a living and feed his family!’ <<my eyes are now rolling so far back into my head>>

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By Stephanie Wei under General

Ray's aim was dead solid -- on the course and on the court

As a Ray Allen groupie fan and owner of an NBA League Pass on my TV, I enjoy tuning into a Boston Celtics game and watching the scrappy team kick some butt. With the exception of the foul-mouthed KG, I’ve turned in a Celts fan. You see, Ray Allen spent some impressionable years on the Seattle Sonics (RIP), and I’ve only loved his shot. Add Rajon Rondo, Paul Pierce and Glen “Big Baby” Davis in the mix and that’s a lovable team.

Last Thursday night, Ray was especially on fire against the Miami Heat. He drained seven straight threes and finished the night 7 for 9. Yeah, Ray is 35 and has the best shot in the league! Respect! But even still, he was throwing up quite the performance. And the pregame routine that Ray follows neurotically? It’s golf.

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Dallas Mavericks point guard Jason Kidd looking for his ball in the cactus

In the spirit of getting loyal readers to join groups, why not add another? After all, surely there’s a rather large crossover between golf and NBA fans! Uh, maybe a handful? Anyone got Anthony Kim or Dustin Johnson’s number?

Well, even if it turns out to be just five people, that’s still a league. And the best part is that gives you more of a chance to win stuff throughout the season, like courtside tickets to a Knicks game. I know what you’re thinking — that’s dumb if you don’t live in the NY area — and yes, I do realize that’s a problem, so I’m working on solving that (likely to be NBA-related memorabilia, etc.). But I have plenty of other things already lying around the WUP office, including Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, Jason Kidd autographed golf balls, the new Dave Pelz short game book, clubs and more.

How do you sign up? It’s easy!

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By Stephanie Wei under Wei Goes Golfing

Jason Kidd is an excellent human being, an incredible athlete and an even better golfer. I will be starting every post with that sentence for the next week because I lost our wager. (Watch the video after the jump.)

“Make sure she gives you enough strokes,” said Allan Henry (who was my friend until Tuesday morning) to Jason Kidd, who had just pulled up in his black Jeep Rubix to pick me up for our friendly match at TPC Scottsdale.

“Yeah? I’ll need them,” the Dallas Maverick point guard replied.

“What’s your handicap?” asked Allan.

“10,” said Kidd.

“I played with her the other week, don’t let her fool you. If it were me, I’d make her give me two a side.”

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