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By Stephanie Wei under European Tour

Phil Mickelson opened his press conference ahead of the Scottish Open on Wednesday morning with quite the soliloquy. He basically addressed two topics that he didn’t want to really discuss — but assumed he would be asked about them — and said that was all he was going to say about them.

Firstly, he mentioned the “report” that came out last week, referring to ESPN’s Outside the Lines article that linked Mickelson to an offshore illegal gambling operation. Mickelson has not been charged with a crime, nor is he under investigation, according to the aforementioned report. 

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Phil Mickelson, who is never known to shy away from a bet or money game both on and off the golf course, is reportedly tied to a money laundering and gambling case, according to ESPN’s Outside the Lines.

Apparently, Mickelson transferred nearly $3 million to an intermediary that was part of an “illegal gambling operation which accepted and placed bets on sporting events.” However, the five-time major winner has not been charged with a crime and is not under federal investigation. 

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