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By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour

Phil: I'm...so...tired...that I don't have it in me to will the ball in!

Ed. note: My apologies for posting this so late, but I was busy discussing and debating Phil Mickelson’s controversial withdrawal on Twitter. I’m actually pretty mentally fatigued, so I’m not sure if I can finish writing. I took two weeks off and catching up on sleep and rest really wore me out, so now I’m too tired to deal with all this work. In the best interest of my health, I think I need to take another break to prep for the U.S. Open–wait, I have been doing that all week. However, I’ll do my best to bang out one more post today.

Phil Mickelson struck the ball “horrendously,” leading to a first-round seven-over 79 at the Memorial Tournament. He would probably have had the weekend off unless he turned it around overnight and bounced back with a 62. Instead of giving it a go, Mickelson decided to cut his losses short and withdraw from the tournament hosted by Jack Nicklaus, citing “mental fatigue.”

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