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Dustin Johnson sues

Dustin Johnson conned by his attorneys

Dustin Johnson filed a lawsuit with the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia last week against the firm of Morris Hardwick Schneider, which formerly represented the golfer. Johnson is allegedly the victim of a theft and extortion scheme carried out by the firm’s former managing partner Nathan Hardwick, the firm’s current managing partner Mark Wittstadt, and Gerard (Rod) Wittstadt, who are the named defendants in the complaint.

The suit claims that Hardwick, who “played a particularly unique and significant role of trust and confidence, serving as one of Mr. Johnson’s primary advisors on all matters relating to his career as a professional golfer, as well as an officer in Mr. Johnson’s professional corporation,” and the Wittstadts used their positions to steal $3 million from him — while claiming they’d pay him back $4 million for his “investment.” Then, when the first two payments were missed in September and October and Johnson created a stir about getting paid, the defendants threatened to expose confidential information they learned in the course of representing and advising him.

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