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Oh man, I actually have a decent amount of random notes, observations, and fun inside-the-ropes type of stuff to share, but alas, it’s almost 3am (WTF??) and I just finished a very important (that was way too long) post on Tony Romo and his golf pursuits — dude has game.

And then I have no one to blame but myself that I allowed myself to get lost in the abyss of catching up with what I missed during the Wednesday news cycle. I understandably spent the entire day talking to players, caddies, swing coaches, etc. to provide you with random but good info that you won’t find elsewhere, but wow, I spent way too much time in the Florida heat.

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On Monday afternoon at Olympic, I walked Nos. 1-8 with Charlie Wi and Alistair Presnell during their first practice round. Which, of course, was very interesting, especially to hear Charlie and his caddie Mark Urbanek talk strategy and game plan for each hole. Wi’s instructor’s Andy Plummer, one-half of the Stack and Tilt swing (along with Mike Bennett), also chimed in with his insights. So did Presnell’s caddie Tim.

I took a bunch of videos and pictures — I figured you guys would enjoy the real “behind the scenes” look of how a Tour pro prepares for a major, especially at such a tough track.

Above, Mark talks Charlie through his approach shot on the difficult par-4 No. 4.

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