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The Gay Caddie and Brian Gay have been in nearly a six-year relationship...


It’s not often that a player on the driving range gives his caddie the green light to give an interview, but Brian Gay let me steal Kip Henley on Monday at Pebble Beach. I mean, I’m trying to imagine what would happen if any other looper asked his player if he could step away for a bit to talk to a reporter! It probably wouldn’t go over so well, but Brian is obviously a chill dude and Kip knows that, so it was all good (though I felt kind of bad — I guess I’m so used to waiting).

When I filed the Q&A, one of the editors joked, “Wow, candor. I almost didn’t recognize it.” That’s why Kip is awesome. He tells it like it is, but he doesn’t go too far.

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