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By Stephanie Wei under General

Hoey: 33-year-old from Northern Ireland was one of five players that shot under par on Freaky Friday

BRACE YOURSELF. Sandy-area gate is about to break out…

Well, I hate say this —  and hoped I wouldn’t have to — but told ya so. After walking the course on Wednesday,  I had this sinking feeling in my stomach (“Whistling Straits but flat”) that there would be some type of controversial or unfortunate rules infraction due to the “NO BUNKERS” local.

Just felt there were too many gray areas and when you have that many “sandy areas” — which should also be referred to as “mud areas” in places —  it’s inevitable. I know the DQ wasn’t a direct result of the rule, but still it started in the darn “sandy areas.” Harshly, the ultimate product led to a DQ.

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