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Former LPGA pro and major champion Karen Stupples, who is now a Golf Channel broadcaster, joined me to discuss the impossible position that the competitors at the U.S. Women’s Open have been put in, the various “controversies” and distractions that have put a cloud over the championship, and the likely circus that will ensue if/when Trump goes through with his plan to attend the U.S. Women’s Open over the weekend.

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By Stephanie Wei under Humor

After Deadspin posted this legendary picture of Jason Dufner hanging out with kids at a charity event in Irving, Texas, #Dufnering has become a trending meme on the internets. Here are some of the best from the pros, along with others around the Twittersphere…


Heart, sweat and tears

Karen Stupples won the 12th match on Sunday to give the Europeans a one-point advantage 9-8 over the Americans. And she didn’t even have to hit a shot. Her slated opponent American Cristie Kerr was forced to withdraw due to a wrist injury and forfeited the match:

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