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I’ve just gotta start out by saying that any time you pull up to a venue and the parking is right next door to the media center, you’re automatically in a good mood and feel great about the tournament. I learned this two years ago — I was a bit shocked actually that media parking was almost too good to be true at the European Tour’s flagship event at Wentworth. It was great to return two years later and find that nothing had changed. I know this is random stupid #golfmediaproblems, but it definitely doesn’t hurt that this Tour takes really good care of the media when it comes to the small details. Shuttle buses are automatic buzzkills.

But enough about the amazing media parking at Wentworth! Well, it was a shame to once again come down with a stomach virus and miss Tuesday and Wednesday — as you know, those days are when I’m able to capture WUP gold and once the tourney starts, it’s a bit, okay, whatever. I’m not kidding when I say that the only person with a worse immune system than me is Jason Day. Unfortunately, that’s been a struggle for me the past two-plus years.

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