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As I wholeheartedly warned everyone, I’m winging everything with regard to my Masters coverage this week and trying to be “adventurous,” but I guess I haven’t really done anything crazy yet and I’m not sure how that necessarily deviates from my playbook at past majors in recent history. So far, I’m using the same platforms I have in the past, but I’m just not physically in Augusta, so I’m not sharing a house with my colleagues/media buddies, whom I can force to participate in some shape or form with the live streams.

However, I was definitely hit with a strong dose and much-needed self-awareness check when I reflected on my post-round live stream via Periscope. Two things stand out: 1) Wow, I am really good at talking about nothing for lengthy periods; 2) My ADHD is escalated as I’m obviously easily distracted by the comments and change topics mid-thought when I see a question or comment that piques my interest.

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