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By Stephanie Wei under Awards
Adam Scott or God?

Adam Scott or God?

Happy Thanksgiving to all. I hope everyone (in America) is stuffing their faces with fattening foods, which make us distinctly American. You know, like cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and stuffing, just to name a few of my favorites.

I’m thankful for so many things and people in 2013 that I could write a book, so I’ll narrow it down to the events and individuals in golf that I most appreciate, but first and foremost, I’d like to to thank the WUP readers and all my social media followers for your continued support (and sometimes even trolling). I also don’t know what I’d do without my encouraging mentors and friends in the business.

Oh, I can’t forget the naysayers, either, since without them I don’t know if I would’ve gotten as far in my career as I have today — thanks for always providing challenges and obstacles that I’ve always used to motivate me to work harder and be even better.

Finally, many thanks to my very competent team — Conor Nagle, who has moved on to bigger and better things as a big-time editor at Ireland’s largest publishing house, and head researcher Shoshana Agus-Kleinman, along with the other behind-the-scenes folks who help keep WUP readable and running.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you, readers — this site wouldn’t exist without your continued support. Okay, now onto the golf-related events in 2013 that I’m most thankful for…

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