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By Stephanie Wei under General

[Ed note: The sun is coming up and I haven’t slept (instead I’ve been meaning to write my epic rant in defense of Rory McIlroy’s comments during his presser at Royal Troon on Tuesday and the ensuing overreaction/misinterpreation/oversight, but instead I engaged in debates with people on Twitter for the last 3-4 hours (I really should know better at this point), and I have a very important engagement in three hours. In other words, I’m not going to be able to write my full takedown on why everyone needs to back off and shed some light on why perhaps McIlroy has developed a bit of disdain for Olympic golf Hint: How many other players have been asked regularly for the last five years (at least) which country they are going to represent in the Olympics? And if you don’t understand the implications and history, here is a detailed explanation and an excellent breakdown written by one of contributors who happens to be Irish back in 2012.]

First, I have just a few housekeeping notes to mention. I’m absolutely fed up with the topic of golf in the Olympics (I mean, I haven’t really been enthused since they announced the format–72-hole stroke play, making it an entirely individual competition), and the whole situation has gotten so absurd that I don’t even want to mention, talk or write about it, but I do feel strongly enough about my take on what’s turned into an absolute debacle, along with defending Rory McIlroy’s remarks in his Tuesday presser at Royal Troon ahead of the Open Championship this week.

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