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Dustin Johnson had a freak accident at his rental home in Augusta on Wednesday afternoon. He slipped and fell down the stairs and injured his lower back. As of now, it’s unclear if he’ll be able to play, but it sounds like he will try.

I can’t think of much to say, except, “Wow, crazy, holy sh*t.” I’m seriously pretty speechless. I mean, really, DJ??? This is seriously unbelievable news. And this is not a joke. My second thought was how it probably screwed up a lot of people’s pools, picks, bets, etc. because DJ was the betting favorite, of course. One friend said he had DJ in four different match-ups or something. That sucks, but obviously, those things are of little importance — his health and wellbeing is our main concern, of course.

Here’s the statement released by his agent David Winkle:

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By Stephanie Wei under US Open

Miguel's Welt Live Before Round 1 at the US Open

What in the world is that picture above? That’s what happens when Jason Dufner’s drive pegs your knee on the fly during a practice round at Congressional. Charley Hoffman’s caddie Miguel Rivera was forecaddying and apparently he didn’t notice Dufner’s ball coming right at him and no one yelled, “Fore!” Perhaps you read Andres Gonzales’ first-hand account of the incident:

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