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I’m a little late to the party on Fox’s inaugural broadcast of the U.S. Open — and golf, for that matter, but I decided to stay in Seattle for an extra week to hang out with my family and friends. After all, as you could see on the telecast at Chambers Bay, the weather is friggin’ beautiful in this area of the country.

(I love how Seattle-ites have been complaining about how it’s “too hot” when it’s, like, 85 degrees and no humidity, though. I mean, I guess it does suck when 99% of people don’t have air conditioning in their homes.)

But I digress. The Twitter-sphere exploded with armchair TV media critics griping last week about Fox’s first-ever time covering the U.S. Open. People seemed to really miss Johnny Miller (just admit it) and the rest of the familiar NBC crew.

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