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By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour

Fear the Beard!

Ed note: I didn’t intend for “A Short Game Saved My Life: the Lucas Glover Story” to turn into a novel. Forgive me, it was late when I finished. I’ve split the original post into two separate ones, but I’m also now realizing it’s rather long. My apologies, but hey, there was some pretty exciting action happening at Quail Hollow on Sunday. Go here to read the first one.

Lucas Glover overshot the 16th green at Quail Hollow and ended up in the collection area behind it. Barely a second after Glover struck his chip, a group of local fans, who may have had a few too many adult beverages, roared, “Beard Power!” His ball rolled down toward the front pin location and came to a rest four-feet from the cup. Several guys in the gallery reacted, yelling, “Go Tigers!”

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