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As Friday evening unfolded, most of you were kicking back and relaxing with your family, some might have gotten screwed with work, a lucky but considerable number embarked on memorable adventures exploring an exotic part of the world, the rest drank beer (domestic) and watched football, and a very small, mostly hand-picked and exclusive crowd gathered at The Plaza Hotel for the Bazaar “Icon” party, which featured a performance and impromptu, “stream of consciousness speech about the critiques of his latest fashion collection” from Kanye.

But about *maybe* 10 golf geeks were glued to their Twitter timelines in fascination as two-time PGA Tour winner Steven Bowditch exchanged tweets with a high school teenager who had been shamelessly trolling the Australian golfer for months. As any golf fan knows, Bowditch hasn’t simply had a “down” or “rough” year; it’s been straight-up brutal. Try to put yourself in his position, and trust me, he’s trying his best and putting in the practice time. At first, his poor play started out as a bit of a lame but sort of funny joke I’d see on Twitter and in Fantasy Golf league email chains.

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