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Europe's comeback to win the Ryder Cup: one for the ages

Europe’s comeback to win the Ryder Cup: one for the ages

As the year ends (only a few hours left!–and Happy New Year, Australia), we’re wracking our brains for some of the most memorable and (un)forgettable moments of 2012. We’re going to do things a little different than 2011, and I might supplement this post with others in the first days of 2013 (people didn’t seem to mind the delay last time).

At the start of the season, I decided to go nuts and try to cover (in person) as many tournaments as possible–which, as I discovered, was crazy and I overdid it. The final tally was 33 or 34 events, if you count qualifiers. It was definitely a year to remember and I feel very lucky that I had a front-row seat to many incredible wins, not to mention just as many heartbreaking upsets. There are the obvious “best shots” or “hug-me-now” moments, but we’re also going to share some from behind-the-scenes and perhaps less mainstream, which deserve recognition.

Let’s start this by reviewing eight of the most memorable shots. 

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Jason Kidd is an excellent human being, an incredible athlete and an even better golfer. I will be starting every post with that sentence for the next week because I lost our wager. (Watch the video after the jump.)

“Make sure she gives you enough strokes,” said Allan Henry (who was my friend until Tuesday morning) to Jason Kidd, who had just pulled up in his black Jeep Rubix to pick me up for our friendly match at TPC Scottsdale.

“Yeah? I’ll need them,” the Dallas Maverick point guard replied.

“What’s your handicap?” asked Allan.

“10,” said Kidd.

“I played with her the other week, don’t let her fool you. If it were me, I’d make her give me two a side.”

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