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By Stephanie Wei under Awards

Thanks for believing in me! I love you, man!

As 2011 has ended and the 2012 season officially starts tomorrow, we’re (still) taking an obligatory look at the winners and losers of 2011. First, we reviewed the best shots. Then, we cringed through the greatest meltdowns. We also checked out some players who were considered overachievers. Next, we took a gander at those who had the most disappointing seasons, along with the most notable Tiger moments.

To cap off a look back at an incredible 2011, we’ll go through some of the best feel-good stories — which is my personal favorite because believe it or not, I’m a huge sucker for sap (I just don’t like to admit to it usually). Here we go in no particular order…

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The bois are back in town: K.J. Choi's biggest fans

It’s not every week six guys wearing matching T-shirts emblazoned with “Choi’s Bois” travel 600 miles to root for K.J. Choi. In fact, it only happens during The Players Championship. Since 2005 Brad Page (age 27), Bo Page (30), Bobby Page (53), David Clayton (30), Alex Kirkland (30) and Curtis Gribble (27) fly from Nashville, TN, to Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, just to watch Choi play.

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