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MJ: Sorry, Freddie, I gotta bail.

Oh noes! — former NBA superstar, freeloader, lover of money games and playing mind games with Sean O’Hair Michael Jordan had to resign from team mascot assistant captain of the U.S. Presidents Cup. Because of that pesky NBA lockout, MJ, a majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, might have to vote or attend important meetings.

Captain Fred Couples has named current Champions Tour player John Cook, one of Tiger’s former Isleworth BFFs, to replace Jordan. Which makes sense since he’s actually a pro golfer that can bring more to the lockerroom than setting up money games (it was no secret that at the ’09 Prez Cup Jordan was taking Sean O’Hair’s money). But who’s going to give the Americans fiery pep talks. Or stir up controversy?!?

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