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Uh-oh: That whole male-only members policy is causing another headache for ANGC

As you’ve probably heard, Augusta National Golf Club, the exclusive all-male establishment that hosts the Masters, is making headlines again for its membership policy. This time, it’s not Martha Burk raising a ruckus and picketing the entrance to the club. Rather, it has to do with tradition, and regardless of the outcome, ANGC will have to break tradition.

Virginia “Ginni” Rometty was named as CEO of IBM this year. Historically, ANGC has granted the company’s chief executive officer a membership as one of the three sponsors of the tournament. IBM’s male CEOs have donned the classic green jacket while hosting clients in its hospitality cabin near the 10th hole. Now, has Ginny be fitted for one? Will we see her wearing the traditional green membership jacket as she schmoozes with the the old boys club next week? Good question.

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