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By Stephanie Wei under PGA Championship

Rewind to five years ago when the PGA Championship was last held at Whistling Straits. What do you remember more clearly? Martin Kaymer hoisting the Wanamaker Trophy after beating Bubba Watson in a four-hole playoff? Or Dustin Johnson pushing his drive way right on the 72nd hole and his ball ending up in a sandy area — which had been trampled by thousands of fans and even splattered with trash — where he grounded his club and received a two-shot penalty that took him out of the playoff? Probably the latter, unfortunately.

The 2010 PGA Championship essentially ended in controversy, confusion and dismay — it was one of those majors where it will always be more memorable for how it was lost, rather than how it was won.

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By Stephanie Wei under General

Hoey: 33-year-old from Northern Ireland was one of five players that shot under par on Freaky Friday

BRACE YOURSELF. Sandy-area gate is about to break out…

Well, I hate say this —  and hoped I wouldn’t have to — but told ya so. After walking the course on Wednesday,  I had this sinking feeling in my stomach (“Whistling Straits but flat”) that there would be some type of controversial or unfortunate rules infraction due to the “NO BUNKERS” local.

Just felt there were too many gray areas and when you have that many “sandy areas” — which should also be referred to as “mud areas” in places —  it’s inevitable. I know the DQ wasn’t a direct result of the rule, but still it started in the darn “sandy areas.” Harshly, the ultimate product led to a DQ.

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By Stephanie Wei under FedEx Cup

Dustin Johnson has had the worst-best summer of any golfer. In two of four major championships, he’s played in the final group Both times he’s not only been experienced major letdowns, but he made mistakes so epic that they arguably overshadowed the winner. And both times he’s handled the disappointments better than most.

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