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I have some serious *breaking* news for you guys: Oakmont is a tough track. Yeah, no shit, right? Of course, it is — it’s a U.S. Open venue! No, but seriously, it makes the average U.S. Open course look like the rinky-dink muni you play wearing a t-shirt and cut-offs while you shotgun PBRs. That’s right. Oakmont eats most other venues for breakfast.

I haven’t seen that much of the course yet (walking at least nine with some guys tomorrow morning!), but I’ve seen enough and spoken to enough players/insiders to know how difficult, strenuous and mentally taxing it is. It will certainly be interesting to see how players deal with the part of the game between the ears this week. I mean, it looks like it could be pretty traumatizing if you’re not playing well and things start moving in the wrong direction. 

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