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*UPDATED: Thanks to a tech savvy friend — the crappy audio from the pod has been fixed! You can actually hear them talk now! Yay.*

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Welcome to the PGA Championship at Quail Hollow Club! There’s so much to share and discuss, but you’ll have to listen to the podcast to hear about the changes to the golf course, which plays hosts to a regular PGA Tour event, and the overwhelming negative reaction to the tweaks from the players.

I caught up with Mike Small, the head coach of the men’s golf team at the University of Illinois, which has become an NCAA powerhouse under his leadership. He’s also won two Web.com Tour events, played on the PGA Tour, competed in multiple majors, won the PGA Professional Championship three times — just to name a few of his accolades and achievements in the game. Coach Small is obviously a man of many talents and I’m not sure how he manages to do it all, but it’s very impressive.

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There were murmurs on Sunday during the Canadian Open that Rory McIlroy had split with his caddie of nine years J.P. Fitzgerald. Well, at least one Tour player had already learned of the news before teeing off in the final round. This relative unknown player shared the information with those in his group, which completely caught them off-guard. At first they thought it was a joke, so the player had to clarify that he was serious.

Rule no. 1: Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see. I’ve been around long enough to know that rumors fly around the Tour more than any other group of people I’ve ever encountered (and that says quite a bit, to be honest). The kind of BS that spreads doesn’t surprise me anymore, but it did when I first started covering the Tour (which feels like a lifetime ago now). Anyway, of course there is often some truth or even truth to things you “hear.” I feel like I have a decent amount of experience at this point to smell out what’s worth pursuing and what’s not. A lot of the time it’s just dumb gossip that you wouldn’t repeat because, well, it’s stupid. There are various factors to this super mathematical equation I’ve developed — 1) the source; and 2) the information.

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When Lee Westwood holed his putt on the 18th Saturday afternoon to complete a hat trick of birdies to close out for an even-par 72 at Wentworth, the first words longtime caddie Billy Foster uttered were not what you’d per se expect, like, “Well played,” “Good finish,” or even, “Great putt.”

Instead, Foster, with a big smile on his face, exclaimed, “23 putts!”

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Back to the good ol' days

Back to the good ol’ days

Caddie-player duo Billy Foster and Lee Westwood are set for an emotional reunion at Tiger Woods’ exhibition, the World Challenge, next month. The pair split in 2012 after a freak accident that left Foster in crutches for too long for Westwood to wait, despite initially pledging that he’d wait for Foster to recover. Six months later, that dreaded phone call came and it was like a break-up from hell for the longtime looper.

Foster, who returned to work this year caddying for Brendan Grace, and Westwood have mended fences and decided to rebuild their relationship, according to The Telegraph‘s Jamie Corrigan:  

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By Stephanie Wei under Tiger Woods

Tiger and Stevie in happier days

Since news broke of Tiger Woods and Steve Williams’ breakup on Wednesday, naturally, Irish bookmaker Paddy Power has the favorites for Tiger’s new caddie when he returns to competition. Fanny Sunesson, who helped Nick Faldo win four majors and currently loops for Henrik Stenson, leads the way at 2/1 odds.

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By Stephanie Wei under The Masters

Just a random shot of the driving range and the caddyshack at Augusta (not the house in the story)

Top caddies Billy Foster (Lee Westwood), JP Fitzgerald (Rory McIlroy) and Ken Comboy (Graeme McDowell) have rented the same house for 12 years from an elderly woman, Joyce Culpepper. She passed away a few months ago, but wrote in her will that the boys still were to be allowed to rent the house the week of The Masters for as many years as they wished.

Mrs. Culpepper’s niece lives in the home now, which has been completely renovated — except for one item: a chalkboard.

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