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I caught up with Andrew “Beef” Johnston (and his agent Shaun Reddin) on Saturday evening following the third round of the Scottish Open over drinks and dinner at their hotel restaurant in Ayrshire, about 15 miles down the road from Dundonald Links.

Now, this type of thing doesn’t happen every week (or ever)–it’s not exactly normal for an agent to agree to a last-minute podcast recording the night before the final round of a tournament, especially when the player is on the first page of the leaderboard! But Beef and Shaun aren’t your average tour player and agent, respectively, and that’s why we love them– they’re just ordinary blokes.

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The European Tour’s digital team — the best in golf across all platforms — delivers yet another amazing production, while also giving priceless birthday surprise for nine-year-old Aaron.

I don’t remember what I got on my ninth birthday, but I would bet all the money in the world it wasn’t anything close to the present Aaron received, thanks to his dad, the European Tour, and four of the biggest names in golf. Aaron’s dad emailed the European Tour and asked if they could do anything special to help celebrate his golf-fanatic son’s birthday, the Tour not only answered, but they went above and beyond to ensure Aaron would enjoy the most incredible birthday surprise ever.

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By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour
Luke: "Best beef in the world, literally."

The best damn beef ever

No, I’m not kidding. So you’re probably wondering why the hell does Luke Donald have $80,000 worth of beef. Well, that’s easy! — last November, Luke Donald won the Dunlop Phoenix tournament in Miyazaki, Japan, where they breed cattle that live more luxuriously than you or I, so the winner receives a nice check and one of these delicious-tasting cows, according to ESPN.com’s Darren Rovell. 

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