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Ed. note: In case you’re wondering where the heck I’ve been in a week and why there was no post after Henrik Stenson delivered the most epic final round performance in major championship history, here’s the answer: Minutes away from pressing “publish,” my Macbook, which had been acting up all day, froze and then after I tried to reboot it, but it wouldn’t let me past the page where you enter your username password (and I’ve tried *everything* as I’m generally good at troubleshooting). After three or four hours, I gave up and I couldn’t do anything but laugh because, well, sh*t happens and I wasn’t going to freak out over my first world problem, especially after the insane week of real tragedies around the world. I couldn’t do anything about it, so I’ve ignored the problem all week as I only returned to NYC from Glasgow today, and now I’m trying to post from my iPad. I have an appointment at the Apple Store tomorrow. My apologies. And my thumbs hurt. 

In case you’re already having withdrawals from watching major championship golf, good news! — you only have to wait a few more days as the PGA Championship kicks off next week at Baltsurol GC in Springfield, New Jersey (due to the scheduling changes to accommodate the Olympics). Not a fan of the schedule and I don’t even have to play, so think how the golfers feel — not that I feel too much sympathy for them. Just sayin’.

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