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I caught up with Andrew “Beef” Johnston (and his agent Shaun Reddin) on Saturday evening following the third round of the Scottish Open over drinks and dinner at their hotel restaurant in Ayrshire, about 15 miles down the road from Dundonald Links.

Now, this type of thing doesn’t happen every week (or ever)–it’s not exactly normal for an agent to agree to a last-minute podcast recording the night before the final round of a tournament, especially when the player is on the first page of the leaderboard! But Beef and Shaun aren’t your average tour player and agent, respectively, and that’s why we love them– they’re just ordinary blokes.

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By Stephanie Wei under PGA Championship

After capturing the hearts of fans all around the planet at the Open Championship, Andrew “Beef” Johnston needs no introduction. In fact, he could even go without his Christian name and refer to himself solely as “Beef” — without the quotations even.

Well, Beef’s popularity has certainly not dwindled — if anything, it’s only intensified. Just over a week ago after finishing solo eighth at the Open Championship, he was unofficially (yet undoubtedly) crowned the people’s champion, as he constantly exchanged banter with the gallery, signed autographs and took selfies with hundreds of keen fans. He’s picked up exactly where he left off at Baltusrol Golf Club this week for his first start at the PGA Championship as golf’s everyman.

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