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PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem gets ready to address 156 of his bosses

On Tuesday evening at Torrey Pines, Tiger Woods hadn’t arrived on the grounds yet, but the other 150-some players gathered together for the mandatory players meeting. Even though Tiger’s fallen from grace (and to No. 3 in the world rankings), he still doesn’t show up to bureaucratic-ordered time suckers. Some things never change! However, Phil Mickelson, who is often missing, managed to squeeze it in his schedule.

According to two PGA Tour members (separately) who wish to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, Tuesday’s gathering was unusually short and tame (it’s early in the season and most everyone is fat, rich and happy!). One player actually stayed awake for most of the meeting and gave me the rundown via the phone. Here are the highlights, some of which Commissioner Tim Finchem touched on during his chat with the press corps:

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