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The Golf Channel did something many of you have wished for in Saturday’s “Announcer-Lite” coverage of the Nationwide Tour event — the mics were taken away from the commentators and the coverage relied solely on graphics and conversations between the players and caddies. Featured player Hunter Haas strapped on a wireless mic and entertained the audience with self-deprecating comments.

Unfortunately, I missed the coverage and I feel like a terrible friend for missing the groundbreaking experiment that good friend Jerry Foltz was excited to take part in — or not, considering he’s an announcer that was given the gag order, but he interacted with viewers via Twitter. (Sorry, Jerry, I had one of my narcoleptic spells! But even though I might be biased, you’re the best tweeter from the Golf Channel because you don’t sound like a salesman.) Overall, the reviews were positive and Jerry said it seemed like 60% loved it and 40% hated it.

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