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Bernhard Langer

Despite winning the Electoral College vote to claim the highest office of the land as President of the United States, Donald Trump apparently still can’t get over the fact that he lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million to Hillary Clinton. It’s strange, considering the President and his supporters can’t seem to get enough of emphasizing that HE WON (even when it really shouldn’t be able winning vs. losing at this point when there are intelligence reports by multiple agencies asserting that it’s likely Russia interfered with our democratic process during the campaign).

In a meeting on Monday, Trump reasserted his debunked claim that he would have won the popular vote by 3-5 million had it not been for “illegals,” according to the New York Times. The President followed up on this affirmation via his favorite outlet Twitter, saying he was calling for a major investigation into voter fraud. (Which leaves many perplexed and wondering if that’s the best way to spend our tax dollars, especially since he, you know, won.)

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