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By Stephanie Wei under Tiger Woods

SI Cover- Tiger Woods

This week’s Sports Illustrated cover features Tiger Woods with the headline: “What Happened? It Remains The Most Vexing Question in Sports.”  SI senior writer Alan Shipnuck looks back on Woods’s career over the eight years since he last won a major title, and explains why the 40-year-old former star may never regain his dominance in the sport. 

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If you follow me on Twitter, you may have caught a few of my tweets referencing a new book with a picture of the cover — The Swinger by Michael Bamberger and Alan Shipnuck. The description on Amazon.com says: “A sports hero seeks a comeback in this wild, funny, and ultimately redemptive novel.” According to Shipnuck, I’m one of the few who have a copy of the book (thanks, Alan — I feel so special!).

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By Stephanie Wei under British Open

As I was leaving the media center late last Saturday, I ran into SI‘s Alan Shipnuck, who had also been burning the midnight oil. “I’m going to the cemetery to see Tom Morris’ grave with Brian Gay and his wife [Kimberly],” said Alan. “Do you want to come?”

Um, sure, why not! I hadn’t been yet and there didn’t seem like a more appropriate time to visit a graveyard than this ungodly hour.

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“Playing MPCC (Monterey Peninsula Country Club) conflicts with Tiger’s press conference next week,” I said via text to SI’s Alan Shipnuck, who was setting up tee times for the Sports Illustrated Golf Group and was kind enough to let me tag along.

He wrote back some snarky response basically telling me I was being a moron for even thinking about passing up the chance to play such a fantastic and beautiful (and exclusive) course (which received rave reviews from the pros at the AT&T Pebble Pro-Am earlier this year) to listen to Robot Tiger. Let alone the Shore course at MPCC. But I’ve never been to a Tiger presser! “You can read the transcript,” he replied.

I’ve also never played MPCC (or in the Monterey area). And I mean, it’d be totally rude for me to bail on such an indulgent invite.

Gearing into Asian tourist mode, I took lots of pictures. Aside from just loving the layout of the course, just check out the pictures (below). I mean, how could you not have an amazing time? Mind-blowing. Oh, by the way, the top picture is my foursome (from left to right): me, our gracious host, Steve John, SI‘s John Garrity and SI‘s Damon Hack — we’re on the 11th tee, arguably the best viewpoint on the course.

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