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Bradley, the first player to win a major with a belly putter, eyes the imminent anchoring ban...with respectful distaste

The anchoring ban controversy elicits strong reactions. It pits a group of people who favor one school of thought against another faction who are set in their view on the issue. (Of course there are some who are indifferent because they say it doesn’t effect them one way or the other but that’s kind of missing the point.)

Now I’m sure you haven’t heard or watched or talked about this imminent new rule that will prohibit the anchoring of a club to the body. Trust me, I am dreading 3-4 more years of this, and more importantly, it’s taken away attention away from the multitude of interesting storylines at Q-school (that I have saved yet not enough hours in the day to write and post). That said, after this, I’m putting a hold on all things anchoring — with exceptions, like if it involves opinions of players at Q-school or if Webb Simpson and Keegan Bradley picket outside Sherwood Country Club.

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