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When John Daly was the best-dressed golfer in a foursome...

Thanks to TXQ for passing along the link to the above picture that John Daly posted on Facebook. Here now, we have a young Daly (21) and an even younger Tiger Woods (11-ish), along with two other guys — the one to the far left Daly tagged as “Chad Dawson.”

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Suzann and Yani: all smiles

Commissioner Mike Whan and the LPGA released the 2012 schedule — which, for the most part, resembles the one that mysteriously appeared in my inbox just before the new year, but fills in some of the blanks. As previously noted on this site, there are at least five new events, four of which are in North America. So far the schedule features 27 tournaments, up from 23 last year — the only one missing is the “New China Event.”

The biggest surprise is the return to Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg, Va., one of the players’ favorite tour stops, which was last played in 2009. The Kingsmill Championship will be held September 6-9 and sponsored by Kingsmill and Xanterra Parks & Resorts. It appears this is the “New Domestic Event” noted on the tentative schedule (moved a week later than it had been previously penciled in).

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Let's give a big round of applause to Mike Whan

The 2012 LPGA schedule hasn’t been officially released to the media or public, but somehow it managed to magically appear in my inbox. A belated Christmas present! — no, really. Once I opened the email and perused the schedule, I realized there was quite a bit of good news. Which makes me super-stoked for the LPGA and the players.

First of all, Commissioner Mike Whan deserves a standing ovation/slow clap. Whan has delivered on his promise of a more robust schedule in 2012. At first glance it looks much more cohesive than the 2011 season. Instead of the stop-and-go tour the ladies have endured in recent years, 2012 seems like it will bring continuity (no month-plus long breaks). The 2012 schedule boasts 28 (**Update: sounds like it might drop to 27 soon and then probably 26) official tournaments, compared to the 23 in 2011.

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